Various Breastfeeding Problems

Various breastfeeding problems are experienced by nursing mothers from time to time, the most common problem being nipple pain or sore nipples.

Most of these problems are caused by irritable babies who are only interested in sucking a tender nipple or crying when they are refrained from doing so. If you want to know more about breastfeeding problems then you can hop over to

Most frequently, the nipples become sore and cracked and they then begin to bleed. When you attempt to find the kid to suck them, they have a tendency to run dry and cause additional issues.

Reasons For Sore Nipples

If the nipples don't lose their tenderness following the first week of breastfeeding, they are inclined to become sore. But primarily, the most important reason behind the aggravation of the nipples is improper clutching from the infant and its own inability to latch on properly.

Occasionally because of improper placement or faulty latch-on, the nipples may crack or split resulting in excessive pain. Implementing an ointment might offer temporary relief. But you need to guarantee that the ointment isn't toxic and it doesn't have any unwanted effects.

Correct Positioning Tips

You ought to experiment with various methods and discover the very best and most comfy nursing positions. The cradle or soccer hold techniques are extremely powerful. You need to first lie and find the most comfortable position for every feeding.