Do Pet Cats Spray to Mark Territory?

The smell of cat urine can be very unpleasant. The urine can give strong odors which can give headache to the people residing in the house. But, cat spraying urine cannot be stopped because it is their natural behavior. The problem arises when cats start spraying as a way of marking territory. Even though this is natural behavior, it is quite unnatural for pet cats.The owner of the pet cats needs to find how to stop cats from spraying for marking territory.

When a cat sprays urine at a particular spot, deep stains will be left at that spot even after cleaning it. The smell of the cat spray would keep lingering in the house for a long time giving a tough time to the residents of the house. Actually, the smell of cat spray which it does to mark territory will be quite different than the smell of normal cat urine. The urge to mark territory is seen more among male cats. Female cats are less likely to mark territories. This is the reason why many cat owners adopt female cats as pets instead of male cats. Even those people who adopt male cats would resort to methods to such neutering the cats if they don’t know how to stop cats from spraying.