Pre-purchase Inspection – Some Ideas

You have made the decision to purchase a car and for one reason or another, you have decided to buy used instead of new. In Arizona and some other nations, all private party car purchases are tax exempt so buying a used car from someone is quite tempting. Whether you buy from a dealer or private party, it’s very important that you protect yourself, even if the car is still under warranty. For your building inspections in Adelaide the building & pest inspectors are always ready for providing you the best services.

Pre Purchase Inspection - Some Ideas

The PPI page on the site goes into more detail regarding what we assess but here are a couple of other thoughts. Although using Carfax and other reporting agencies is a sensible step, they’re not foolproof.

There’s always a lag between the time an insurance carrier pays out to get a claim and when it eventually reaches the report- sometimes up to 12 months. In addition, in this culture of giant deductibles, it is possible that a fix was paid out of pocket rather than through insurance.

Our PPI includes inspection of paint complete and if there are signs of collision damage. Rule of thumb is that if a person can tell that it has been to a body shop, then it is likely going to affect value.

It’s astonishing to see how many ones, two three-year-old cars still under warranty, have had body damage or paintwork.

This is obviously a double-edged sword as unfortunate things happen and if it is time for us to sell our cars we surely do not need to have a bath just because we had our front bumper re-sprayed due to rock chips.