Life Insurance Medical Exams

Life insurance’s eligibility are based on an individual’s gender, age, and health status, and hence when applying for life insurance you will go through medical examination.

For larger amounts of coverage, and frequently if you need lower premiums on the lower amounts of coverage, the medical exam for life insurance coverage will be a two-step procedure.

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Why do you need a medical exam?

You require a medical exam for life insurance coverage for the reason that the insurance company wants to know what kind of overhead risk you are to them. Depending upon your risk of dying, the insurance company adopts how much to charge you for your premiums.

The medical examination is the third and frequently the most essential aspect in formulating your premiums and whether you are insurable.

 It’s likely for a medical exam to consider you uninsurable or unqualified for a specified amount, if you have too many pre-existing illnesses.

What to expect at your exam

For the first stage of the medical exam, you’ll merely reply to some questions asked to you by the field agent.

At part II of the medical exam, the insurance company will schedule a nurse from a company that is specialized in doing these kinds of exams for life insurance companies.

Finally you’ll be tested for: height & weight; blood pressure; resting heart rate; blood work to test stages of nicotine, etc.