Know More About Puck Mist System

Fire Crest Fire Protection provides various options to make sure our clients meet their needs to comply with compulsory Fire Regulations.

You will find an assortment of merchandise available, one conventional solution is that a Sprinkler system, irrigation systems are expensive to set up and may cause substantial water damage, even after activation.

Fire Crest provides another solution. PUCK is an excellent alternative to your irrigation system.

The machine lowers the production of smoke and heat, allowing occupants opportunity to escape insecurity or be empty.

Water mist nozzles activate at a predetermined temperature, discharging water within the designated region under. The pump port starts the noise of an alarm. The water mist nozzles function every time a unit is independently heated, over the temperature. The mist pops with all the heat and smoke of the flame, cooling down the fire by incorporating moisture.

On average the puck mist system uses 80 percent less water than a conventional sprinkler, leading to less water damage inside the assumptions, whilst keeping up the standard as set out in BS:8458 and BS:9252.

Our system provides competitive pricing because of an efficient platform for layout and ease of setup. There's a self-testing center, alterations to this self-test could be carried out through a companion program. The device is tracked via the program, instantly; this means that it reports any flaws or activation.