Easy Prepping Ideas for Going Camping With a Baby


Going camping with your baby can be a lot of fun or it can be completely miserable; which depends on how well you prepare. Camping with a baby can also be dangerous if you're not prepared, so here are some tips for you so your camping trip can be both safe and fun!

The initial thing that you remember when you go camping is that you don't want to stray far from civilization. Going wilderness camping is something for adults, not something for infants. You should be somewhere that you can easily get your baby to medical care in case of snake bites, spider bites, or other injuries.

Sleeping in a tent with your baby is a little counterintuitive. You want to make sure and bring enough blankets so if the temperature takes a turn for the colder you have enough to keep them warm. This is especially true the closer to spring or fall you are when you're camping.

Bringing along some portable and compact baby bedding options is also helpful. Whether it's a portable playpen that fits inside your tent or a co-sleeper designed to fit in a bed with you, your baby's own sleeping area is good to have.

An air mattress is always better than sleeping on the ground, but you want to make sure that that air mattress is insulated from the ground. Even in hot summers, sleeping directly on the ground can cause hypothermia and an air mattress will absorb cold from the ground if there's nothing underneath to insulate. Babies are especially vulnerable to temperature drops and increases, so keep an eye on them.

Bathing your baby while camping can be a bit of a hassle, too. Fortunately, small travel tubs exist, even ones that collapse, so you can bring one of those with you if you're going to be gone a few days. You can find more of those at www.housemama.net .