Basics Information about Cervical Cancer

Not all cancers are preventable, but among the greatest steps that women can take to stop cervical cancer is to have a Pap test. This is an established method to detect cancer of the cervix in its early phases. When this type of cancer is discovered early enough, then it's nearly always treatable and curable.

A Pap test is a means to search for changes in the cervix which might indicate a cancer is growing. When there's cancer developing a Pap test may generally find it early enough for physicians to do it and treat it. Visit with your doctor about how often you ought to have one performed.

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HPV is a frequent virus that is often the cause of changes in the cervix which might cause cervical cancer. HPV is the human papillomavirus. HPV infections can result in cancer of the cervix. There are various kinds of HPV.

The most important thing for women to bear in mind is to have regular Pap tests in order to prevent cancer of the cervix from occurring. Cervix cancer is rare cancer now because Pap tests are getting more regular.

Pap tests help doctors find changes to the cervix that might cause cancer. Irregular Pap test results are typical, but it does not indicate that cancer is present.