Are Bamboo Socks Better Than Cotton Socks?

When many people buy socks they just go to their local department store, find the style of sock they like, ankle, crew or over the calf, and throw them in their basket. Not everyone pays attention to what the socks are made from or if they are a fancy brand name. But, that is definitely not true of everyone.

Unless you are buying some polyester or knit dress socks, most of the time people go with cotton socks because they have been around for many years and are widely available everywhere. In recent years people have begun to buy and try bamboo socks. These socks are made mostly from viscose bamboo. Viscose simply means it is made from the cellulose of the plant.

There are numerous reasons why bamboo socks could be a better choice for you than cotton. Many people like that bamboo is so quickly renewable. Many things are being made from bamboo these days because it is so much better for our planet than cutting down trees that take so many years to regrow.

Among other reasons bamboo socks are great is that they keep your feet drier. Moisture resistance is something bamboo is known for. Bamboo is resistant to microbial infestations, unlike cotton. Bamboo fabric is also even softer than cotton. Many sites like offer more great information as to why bamboo socks might be a much better choice than the cotton socks you are used to.