All About Uses Of Modern Tank

Buying a betta fish tank should be one of the first considerations, once you are considering purchasing a betta fish on your own or a relative.

You can see various types of tanks around, some are wine glass shaped, some are square and others are almost any form you can imagine. A lot will depend on the amount of fish you’re getting, where you’re placing the tank and when there’ll be other fish in the tank together with your betta.

If you are simply going to have one betta, a two-gallon size tank should be sufficient. The measurements will be approximately 12″ L X 10″ W X 7″ H and will be acceptable for a desktop, counter or a little stand. Your fish will have lots of space to swim and you can add plants and rocks and not overcrowd the tank. Search online today if you want to discover more about Sats tanks(which is also known as “ถังแซทส์” in the Thai language).



For those who have a bit more room, a 3-gallon tank would be best for one or two fish. The dimensions would be approximately 15″ L x 9″ W x 11″ H. This tank would allow adequate room for stones and plants but would allow each fish to have their own area of control.
But be sure you don’t have two male bettas in a tank, they’ll fight and eventually kill or harm each other.

If you’re really pushed for space, 1 betta can live in a 1 gallon tank, which would be approximately 8″ L x 10″ W x 7.5″ H. This wouldn’t be perfect, but considering the plastic cup that they reside in at the pet shop, a 1 gallon would be a major improvement.