Air Quality Gets Improved InThrough Indoor Plants



Air quality in office premises gets deteriorated because of the presence of synthetic material present in paints, adhesive, ceiling tiles and printer. These chemicals are volatile organic compounds and they affect severely on the health of the person as they have more adverse effect than the air pollution outside. Since last twenty years it has been recognised that indoor plants have the ability to substantially reduce the concentration of Volatile Organic Compound (VOC) in the Air.

Effect of VOC exposure On Health

Research has shown that presence of VOC in air have adverse effect on health as it can cause eyes irritation, nose irritation, throat irritation,headache, vomiting and asthma and these are acute symptoms of VOC in air. Chronic symptoms are liver damage, kidney damage, cancer and central nervous system damage. All this has alerted the management to hire the indoor plants for office as it purifies the air and keeps the employees healthy.

Indoor Plant Benefits

Lots of research has been conducted across the world on the effect of indoor plants in office and this has resulted that there are many benefits which plants serve when placed in office premises. Indoor plants lesson the effect of VOC in air, reduces stress, absorb noise and makes the environment pleasant. 

Office plants are hired in Melbourne as management there understand the benefits of indoor plants in office.